Readings for the Funeral Liturgy


Integral to the liturgical celebration is the reading of the word of God.  In the proclamation of the word, God speaks to us in our needs, sorrows, fears, and hopes.  You may select readings from sacred scripture for the Mass.  The website linked here provides the recommended options for readings for the funeral liturgy.  Other scriptural passages may be used in consultation with the priest, but no non-biblical readings may be used.  You may leave all or some of the selections to the discretion of the priest.  Please use the Funeral Liturgy Preparation Sheet to choose your selections.  Depending on the number of readings chosen, there may be up to three different readers for the Mass.  Family members are encouraged to read, but should not feel in any way obligated to assume any role that their grief or sense of loss may make too burdensome.  All lectors at Mass should be practicing Catholics able to receive the Sacraments.  Parish lectors are available to read at the Mass if this would best serve the family.  Please advise the parish office if you would like a parish lector to be arranged.